Dangers of Distractions

 “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you

Proverbs 4:25 NLT

It’s not enough to set boundaries for ourselves,we need to make sure that we see and understand our purpose in the boundaries we set.

Often I pray to watch out for distractions and allow it to reveal itself.

What you feed you give life to – if you feed a distraction you’re giving it attention then you give it growth, and now it becomes a diversion off the path that you should be on.

Keep a clear mind and not being distracted by what is not in your future.

It can be dangerous having too much attention on yourself that does not include God. Daily life of work, education, and family, all makes it easy to lose focus.

~Prayer against distraction~ 

Personally this is what was needed for me. 

I was a woman that use to get distracted easily because I didn’t truly know myself. I would allow myself to get sidetracked because I was trying to find myself. 

When I took the time out for myself and write things out that I could see in front of me, it helped create a different mindset. 

The different mindset that increased my progression, by allowing my attention to focus on something greater, while gaining the wisdom that I needed to become better and move forward with a positive mind.

 A distraction can come as a disguise as positive.This could be in a form of electronics, men, women, friends, family, etc…..

Example: If a new game app comes out and you start to enjoy it, where it begins to consume you and your time and you begin to slowly detour from your path, IT’S A DISTRACTION.

I have learned to pray against distractions so that I’m not feeding it with a lot of my attention – my time. 

I realized the distractions in life is like a blindfold and you don’t know where you going but you moving slowly. Once I didn’t allow the distractions to take prisoner of me I could see so clear and life had a different meaning. 

Distractions can cause confusion in your home and get you off your course.

I ask God to allow the distraction to reveal itself. So now it’s noticeable to me and others in my home who needs to know and understand.

When you pray, you keep your goal at bay -at the forefront of your mind, so that you can notice a distraction. If it’s not leading you in the direction of where you and your family are going, then it’s a distraction.

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