Letting go of Procrastination

 Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. ~ Proverbs 10:4 NIV

It’s easy to talk yourself out of completing a task that needs to be done.

Often enough we set things aside when we know we need to get it done. We put things off no matter how important in order to get some extra rest or figure it won’t take us long to complete or simply because we don’t feel like getting it done since its out of our comfort zone.

In order to break the negatives of procrastination create a new task and be consistent at it. Starting with something small and each week increase. It doesn’t matter if it’s noticeable to others, you notice for you.So, this would also fall under making the right decision, the right choices.

As for myself, procrastination took place because of fear. I feared that I was going to do something wrong so I was very slow at doing it. This is part of that negative self-talk. Thinking more of what someone else may think and if they would like it or not. Now, for some people, it could just be pure laziness. Unfortunately, I have been a victim of that sometimes, but not regularly.

I knew that progression would be complicated as success and procrastination do not mix. Sitting back would not lead me in the direction that I wanted to go in. Procrastination does not bring forth any positive thoughts. 

Procrastination could actually be linked to anxiety and stress and could lead to depression.

So how do you honestly let go of procrastination? 

Photo by Pixabay

Creating changes with intent. Be sure that whatever you are putting in procrastination that it is not something that is conducive to your future. In other words, your success depends on your completion.

Things happen in life that we need to put things off, but we always have to be smart enough to decide how to have in order of importance.

Once you have mentally become comfortable doing things one way,it can be tough to change and get uncomfortable. When you begin to feel uncomfortable there becomes change.

This habit was not created overnight so it will not change overnight, and will take continuous daily effort. 



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