Journey In Unity🌱

 Parenting a special needs child is a journey. Not just because I have a child with special needs, but because of myself. 

This journey has challenged me to be the better version of myself, challenged me to speak up and to encourage me to pour into other families that need guidance. Learning that at the end of the dark tunnel I thought I was in ,was a bright light to my future.

I never thought I would be helping others. My own negative thoughts that I would tell myself was, I’m not good enough. It always interfered until I realized that I was good enough and an expert for my child. 

Now that I’m able to use my experiences and knowledge to gear others in the right direction, it makes me humbly grateful.         

The ten years that it took to write my book, Life with a Special Needs Child, was a delayed result of my own negative self-talk. 

Life with a Special Need Child – Book interview with Dr. Battles on KJBN Radio 1050 AM

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