Process to Progress 🌿

Many times, some of us are blessed to have a vision of the future.

This has some positive and negative attachments.

The ability to see the result typically causes a person to want to go from A directly to Z. No in between, no process. How many words can you spell with only the letter A and Z. You need all the letter of the alphabet to get your words across.

Going through the process is a part of life, it’s a part of leadership. Blind can’t lead the blind.

An example is one that most seasoned adults know. Super Mario Brothers game. There were so many lessons that we learned along the way of playing the game.

So, let’s think about attempting to save the Princess directly from the beginning. Think of all the lessons you get to learn , like how to shrink or how to get larger. By going through the process we became better equipped to save the Princess.

Same as in life. By going through the process we are better equipped to accept the vision that was placed in front of us. The process is our learning experience, providing the ability to not only help ourselves but to guide others.

Remember how good it felt to help your friends get to the next level of the game because you already went through the process. It was a great feeling, right!

When we gain wisdom in life we want to share it with others. As much you may not be able to stand someone, you would not want to see them go through as many trials as you had to go through.

Each person will have their own journey. If you provide a little road construction, they don’t have to go down a country road full of pebbles the entire time, they will have some relief of paved roads.

Progression doesn’t make you perfect, but it does allow you to grow from where you once were. To improve in areas you felt you were lacking. Progression allows you to be the better version of yourself.

Your journey is your learning experience to progress. Don’t be afraid or believe you don’t have time to go through the process. Be sure to pick up what you need when you arrive at your new level, your prize.

Are you equipped to open your prize or will you have to repeat the process over and over until you learn to pick up what you need to be equipped?

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