Journal for Growth 🌿

😔 I was a woman that used to lack consistency, dealt with depression, concerned myself about what people think and what they say, afraid to express myself.

😔I was a woman that didn’t like to speak out loud, didn’t want to be on Facebook LIVE , and refused to be in front of the room and lead others.

After prayer, my journey through journaling, and support of my husband, I gained more positive thinking.

😀I am a woman that uses her voice to lead others , not afraid to step out my comfort zone, and now guiding women to dig within themselves to find out who they really are – the part of them that they compress.

😀Learn how to gain confidence,consistency, and self empowerment through my new LIVE sessions inspired by the journaling journey.


🔸Journal for Growth E-Book ( $10 )

🔸Join us LIVE on Clubhouse

{Link to ClubHouse}

🔹Why do you journal? What is the benefit? Are you looking to be more consistent?

How can you grow from it?

🔹Let’s grow in self-empowerment, self-care, & bring out that inner you through the journal format.

🔹Learning how writing in a journal can be beneficial to you mentally and financially.

🙏🏽Begin your journey today!


~Amelia E. Faggétt

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