What does consistency really look like? How can you become more consistent?

Being consistent seemed like the most difficult thing for me. Things would only get done sometimes, well more likely when I felt like it. As a single parent I just thought my schedule was too busy to have some kind of routine that was beneficial to me.

Mainly my routine consisted of picking up kids after work dinner and prepare for bed and repeat all over again.

Later down the line after being remarried, I realized I couldn’t expect anything to change if I continued to do the same thing day in and day out.

Even though I thought it in my mind, the action itself was still difficult. It was a little irritating to me as I want more for myself and better but I could get pass the basic part.

So, what actually stuck out was my love for writing. Everyone I wanted to make some kind of change or ideas pop in my head or even being upset with someone I would write.

One night I started to journal. It felt so good. Noticing how good I felt the previous day, the urge to do it again was strong.

Without realizing or putting forth a lot of effort, guess what happened?? I became consistent at writing in my journal. Night time is more peaceful in my home.

Being consistent at writing in my journal was a habit that I created. A time that I set aside just for me. When my family see me writing in my journal they don’t disturb me. It was not always that way. After making it part of my day like taking a shower/bath or brushing my teeth, it became a strength.

When I made writing important to me it became important to everyone else in my home.

My nights are filled with prayer, writing, and relaxation.

When becoming consistent, it is important to understand that the key is starting small. Trying to be consistent at too many things at once becomes overwhelming and you begin to drop the ball daily.

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